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I'm Eliza… I see Europe through a locals' eye. Where everyone turns right, I turn left... Far away from the crowd, looking for undiscovered places off the beaten track, where you find local experiences.


Eliza was here is a travel agency that offers unique and sustainable holidays. With a focus on providing small scaled hideways and authentic experiences to its customers. Eliza was here offers a wide range of accommodations, from cozy villas and apartments to luxury hotels, all in beautiful and off-the-beaten-track locations.

What sets Eliza was here apart from other travel agencies is its commitment to sustainable tourism. The company is dedicated to minimizing the impact of tourism on the environment and supporting local communities. It works closely with local partners to ensure that its guests can experience the culture and traditions of the destination in an authentic way.


I started working for Eliza was here at the early start of the brand. As a start-up, they asked me to develop the brand from scratch, together with a dedicated team marketeers, sales- and purchase professionals.  

A very exciting and entrepreneurial like project. 


Building the brand from scratch was a challenging but rewarding experience. It requires a clear understanding of the brand identity, market research, brand strategy, visual assets, online presence, audience engagement and performance measurement. And being able to translate strategy into concrete marketing activities. 


These are the key responsibilities I undertook that paved the way for strong brand awareness, credibility, and the sustained revenue growth that Eliza was here enjoys today.

  • Strategy

A brand strategy that includes: brand positioning, messaging and communication channels. Creating a consistent brand experience across all touch points.

  • Branding

Build a strong brand identity by defining the brand's vision, values, brand personas, tone of voice and visual identity. 

  • Allround Marketing

Marketing campaigns, concept development, social media, on- and offline advertising, SEO, print and billboard advertisement, influencer marketing, e-mail marketing, PR & media, radio commercials, engagement marketing and measuring data / kpi’s. 

  • Content Creation

Producing and distributing valuable and engaging content such as: video content, (advertising) photography, blog posts, social media content, user-generated content and authority interviews. 

Eliza was here



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