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The inexhaustible desire to create high impact moments that bring people together. Our hearts start racing when we leave audiences with immense joy and physical expression. We MAKE IT HAPPEN.

TWOFIFTYK is an all-round multidisciplinary design studio. Developing entertainment concepts for clients worldwide. 

After an initial period of strong growth, TWOFIFTYK acquired a strong position in the market. It reached a comfortable market position, designing stages and visuals for well known dance festivals world wide. But what if you feel your growth opportunities stagnate and you reached a saturation point? How can you push your business toward new heights ?

At this critical point TWOFIFTYK asked me to develop a strategic plan to maintain the momentum of the company so that it wil continue to grow long-term. 

I developed a strong vision. A strategic plan which outlines how TWOFIFTYK must develop and position itself in the market, setting itself apart from its competitors and enjoy sustained succes. It involved identifying the company's target audience, competitors, markt position, determining the unique value proposition of the company as a brand and growth opportunities.


This has resulted in:

  • A unique value proposition that differentiates TWOFIFTYK from its competitors and gives it a competitive character

  • Successfully selling their product & services in a wider sales market

  • From single design studio to all-round multidisciplinary design studio. Creating outstanding imagineering concepts that are durable, tell a story and are workable at the same time. Whether it’s a concert, festival, theater, sports event or a public space.

  • Dynamic business model which allows the company to easily up-or downscale according to demand and pushing innovation. 

  • An outlined mission, values, amended brand name, tagline, brand story and brand identity.


Which ultimately resulted in a long-term collaboration in which I translated strategy into a consistent brand image and awareness across all marketing channels. 


  • PR & media 

  • Visual Identity

  • Content creation

  • Marketing & communication tools​




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